Hello my name is Jackie Benítez. 

My practice is rooted in user research and lies at the intersection of innovation and strategy. 

The approach I am most comfortable is a mix of creativity & rigor with openess & expertise.


I am interested in developing research protocols for a diverse set of initiatives or testing emerging and new physical and digital tech.

I am a self-starter & team player with unquenchable curiosity and I have a passion to solve the most complex, ambiguous and human understandings into actionable insights in order to make sure products & services fit into people´s lifestyle by being useful, intuitive and purposeful.


Graduated as visual communicator and currently studying psychology.

Write me an e-mail jackieebenitez@gmail.com 


The most important things in my life have been the result of endless and eager learning. That's why I'm looking for people who have that same thirst for knowledge and want to learn about research and methodologies.



You already have a project but you need a team? Let's work together to achieve the best possible quality of research so that beyond winning a project you win a client


You can usually combine multiple goals into a single round of research, but only if the methods align. Let´s understand which type of research is better for your product or service 

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