Who is Jackie? 

I am a 28 year old human based in Mexico City. 

I studied visual communication and life paths led me to learn about web development, user experience and something I am very passionate about: user research.


I ask many questions from the most existential to the most technical, I realize that people tell me about their life and their interests in a natural way and that's why I can listen very well, read between words and decode a person based on their body language. 

Recently I´ve been interested in future studies, research beyond the screen, research for new technologies and psychology which led me to a big decision,  to start studying to get a degree circa 2023.


At last but not least, also consider myself a person who is attracted to aesthetics, this attraction fills a large part of my creativity, curiosity and my desire to learn, so I enjoy creating through embroidery, watercolors, drawing and ceramics. 

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